Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tiger in the Grass

Charlie by Diane Fox Downs
Lilian Obligado, illustrator
Little Golden Books
Western Publishing Company, 1970

It almost seems silly, how much I love this book. I read it and I try to figure out exactly where the magic is hidden. It's just a story about an alley cat named Charlie who, while searching for a new life in the country, finds a home in the courtyard of a gated community filled with children, because he is wise enough to help Mrs. Twilliger retrieve her fancy hat from a tree. Still, there is something there.

We had a copy of this book in our childhood book collection which was housed at my mother's place until she had a house fire and all the books were destroyed. I'd thought about Charlie from time to time but never ran across it at vintage book shops. A few years back my friend Thomas did for me, what Patti and I tried to do for our colleague who loved the Penguin who hated the Cold! He paid attention. We must have been talking about our favorite kids' books. When, I am not sure. Why, I am not sure. Yet, he remembered and tracked down a copy to surprise me. I am so thankful. I could have done it myself, I'm sure. But I didn't take the time and it seemed so much sweeter as a gift, in the end.

Here are a few images from this childhood fave:


Anonymous said...

I too loved this book as a child! I actually still have it. I have kept it, along with some other of my favorite childhood books.

Caroline! said...

I just had a big urge to read this book, somewhat out of nowhere. Just that one image of "Tiger in the Grass" gave me a big stupid nostalgic lump in my throat. I can't figure out where the magic comes from either, but it's a totally perfect book.

EJKurt said...

This was one of my kids favorite story books! They are now grown. I just gave it to my son for his son. We stumbled across the book when we were packing to move. By that time my boys were teenagers. They actually asked me to sit on the couch with them and read it to them... It was too cute.

Unknown said...

I've been searching for this book. It was my favorite as a young girl.

aaron paul said...

Loved it

aaron paul said...

Loved it

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