Sunday, December 21, 2008

Periodically I create a little top-o-the-china cabinet display. For the holidays I opted for a tribute to Frosty! One of my very favorite Christmas albums is narrated by Frosty and filled with Christmas songs from around the world.

Frosty the Snowman LP
George Peed, cover design, Peter
Pan Records
The Peppermint Kandy Kids, performing

Retold by Annie North Bedford, Corinne Malvern, illustrator
Western Publishing Company, 1950 (1980 reprinting)

On the copyright page a note reads:

About Frosty

Frosty the Snow Man was born in 1950 as the subject of a phonograph record, and soon after appeared in many different forms. A motion picture about him has been shown frequently on television and there are Frosty toys, shirts, and games. He was been in numerous Thanksgiving Day and Christmas parades. Unlike other snow men, he is at home in the warmest parts of the United States.

The Little Golden Book version is pretty much burned on my brain, though the 1969 cartoon by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr. truly forms my mental picture of Frosty.

This is the first segment of the 1969 cartoon. Click here to see the part two and part three.

Poor little chilly Karen who was so faithful to her friend. And the whole greenhouse scene--so sad. It's just not Christmas without Frosty!

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