Friday, December 12, 2008

Presenting Lauren Child's Pippi....

Lauren Child, Viking Children's Books, 2007

I've been a Lauren Child fan long before the Charlie and Lola TV show launched and was introduced to every kid in America. I discovered her Clarice Bean books first and suddenly they were being released faster than I could keep up. I love, love, love her artistic style. The collage with wonderful patterns and visual textures.

I find her illustrating this beloved book to be a bit like Tim Burton remaking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's just right (regardless of your final opinion on the film). While this post isn't a wayback voyage, it's a jumping-up-and-down-with-wild-abandon about a new twist on an old favorite.

the following is excerpted from Elizabeth Kennedy's post

Viking’s 2007 edition of Pippi Longstocking, by Astrid Lindgren, features a new translation by Tiina Nunalley and illustrations by Lauren Child. First published in Sweden in 1945 and in the United States in 1950, at a time when little girls in books tended to be neat, obedient, and quiet, the larger-than-life Pippi Longstocking came as an unwelcome shock to some parents and a breath of fresh air to others.

This edition of Pippi Longstocking is enlivened by the quirky mixed media collages of British author and illustrator Lauren Child, who has created some feisty female characters of her own, most notably Clarice Bean.

The 2007 edition of Pippi Longstocking marks the 100th anniversary of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s birth. Lindgren's first book was published in 1944, but it was her second book, Pippi Longstocking, that brought her international acclaim. Since the book was originally published in Swedish, it has been translated into 91 other languages. In 1958, Lindgren received the most prestigious international award in children's literature, the Hans Christian Andersen Award, in recognition of the impact of her body of work on children's literature.

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