Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Horse by Any Other Name...

P. D. Eastman, illustrator, Random House, 1962

Robert the Rose Horse by Joan Heilbroner has such wonderful images. I love the expressiveness of Robert--particularly his eyes. The start of the story reminds me a bit of Sylvester of Magic Pebble fame or possibly of Steve Martin in The Jerk. Hmmmm.... The look on his face when the doc brings in some roses is classic. It's like he just knows what's about to happen. The illustration on the next page has him sniffing and I love the little lines around the nose that indicate that! He discovers a powerful allergy to roses and leaves his happy life on the farm to pursue work in the city where he won't be subjected to roses so often. Only in the city, they turn up more often than one might expect. It's entertaining and everything works out in the end. This book is just one of many books I have in this Random House Beginner Books series and I love them all.

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