Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Golden Give Away

I am one of the most unlucky people I know. If there's a Bingo game on, your odds of winning are improved by having me in the game. And you can forget drawings of any sort. Except this one. I actually got lucky a few weeks ago when I won the Scribbler's Great Monday Give on her site Vintage Books My Kid Loves.

I was THRILLED to get a copy of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Welcome home. I used to own this one and so looking at the pictures was like greeting old friends. Santa's Toy Shop is a new one for me and the pictures are terrific.

Even the cover of the book just warms my heart! Thank you, Ms. Scribbler. Thank you.

By Barbara Shook Hazen, Adapted from the story by Robert L. May
Pictures by Richard Scarry, Western Publishing Company, 1958
New illustrations copyright, 1976

I love that sort of shameful, glowering look
on Rudolph's face in this one. It's cute, in a sad way.
Boy, reindeer sure can be mean!

This picture is sooooooo Richard Scarry.
Those are Scarry bunnies for certain.
I just love him.

I always thought it was cool how
the reindeer got to help out with the gifts. :)

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