Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Advent Calendar

My Aunt Heather made this for me when I was pretty small. I actually think she was my Sunday School teacher one year and that she made these for ALL of the kids. I can't imagine cutting out all those little felt pieces and sewing the pockets and backgrounds. I still have mine after all these years but it is looking a little worse for wear with some discoloration on the white felt, though I still have all 24 items.

I never could figure out what that green pointy thing was. A 4th wise man? A bizarre shepherd? Or maybe a pine tree. I am settling on the tree and I put a little donkey beside it.

I put the baby Jesus in the manger even though I was supposed to wait until tomorrow. I wanted my pics to have the full effect. My favorite day was always the 23rd because that is the one with the hay. For some reason I just love that piece. I may have to create a new advent calendar along these lines for next year with updated felt or fabric pieces.

Thank you, Heather. This was a GREAT gift!

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