Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last week, I discovered a blog that celebrated nostalgic children's books. It made me think of all the goodies I still have on my shelf and how much I love them. When I started exploring my shelves trying to find a book to honor with a post, I discovered I have far, far too many.

Then I remembered Thriftcraft blog (alas, no more) and all the joy I had in looking at her antique store/thrift shop toys and other goodies. I am certain that within my lone apartment lies endless fodder for "wayback journeys."

I intend to make this a blog of memory. Nick Carroway said in The Great Gatsby, "You can't repeat the past." Well, repeating the past isn't the objective, but I'd like to gaze at it once in awhile and feel that good, warm, safe feeling. The feeling I get from macaroni and cheese--I promise my blog will have fewer carbs!

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