Thursday, December 11, 2008

A PeePul Pals Book

John Johnson, illustrator, Golden Press, 1967

The PeePul Pals Book by Daphne Davis seems like a strange one to me. Yet, these images really are locked in my brain. I think I liked the way the illustrator combines these funky 60s drawings which seem sort of 3D and the actual dolls. The story is very simplistic. Nurse is taking baby on a plane ride and baby wants to hear a story. The stories are fairy tales which include Cinderella, and Goldilocks. Then after they eat on the plane the nurse tells baby how she might one day be a ballerina or a bride or have a baby of her own. Yikes!

Here are some more of my favorite illustrations.

I have a soft spot for Little Red and her nemesis.

Here's a link to more pages from the book.

Though I didn't have any of the dolls apparently you could buy PeePul Pals to play with.

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