Sunday, December 21, 2008

Countdown to Christmas -- Little Golden Book Style

Eloise Wilkin, Western Publishing Company, 1959

Today there are simply mountains of great Christmas books published, but the ones I remember best from my childhood are the Little Golden Books. This one is another in the "Baby" series, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, one of my favorites. Some of her books are written and illustrated by her and others are written by someone else. In this case, Esther Wilkins, her sister, wrote the book. I'd say it's a winning combination!

I love the features on the mother.
She looks young and sweet--maybe it's the pony tail?

You have to love the old-fashioned bouncy swing!

Truly, these images just tug on my heart strings!

And I do love the shameless plug for one of her other books,
right here in the illustrations!

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