Friday, December 5, 2008

Let's begin with ABC....

Me and my Uncle Rolland

I love this old picture of me, not because of the ridiculous pacifier in my mouth (held together by masking tape, mind you) but because it captures some of my early reading experiences. I remember the stories, I have many of the books, yet, somehow to have it on film seems nice. Also, I love the way my uncle looks in this photo--Michael Landon hair, head thrown back in laughter. That's really how I remember him from my youth. He lived with us for awhile when I was little. Also note, the fact that there are TWO ashtrays in this pictures. One was not enough! As much as I abhor smoking, I sort of liked that silver and black stand-up number in the background.

Dr. Seuss, 1963

The book Rolland is reading to me is one of the Dr. Seuss Beginner Books series. I have always loved Dr. Seuss, so you can expect to see more of his books appearing in this blog. Not only are all the images imaginative and the words alliterative, but the colors really pop! This book makes its way through the alphabet from Aunt Annie's alligator to the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, which I think just naturally leads to a longer tale of his called On Beyond Zebra... but that's another post and a much more challenging read!

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