Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sandman Stories

Hallmark Children's Editions, 1976

Sandman Stories: Twenty Children's Stories for Quiet Bedtime Reading is a book I loved as a child. The stories were selected by Julia Summers. The illustrations and decorations in the book were created by Cynthia Bonderer, Steve Carter, Karen Clark, Susan Fidler, Judy Griffith, Tracy McVay, Vikki Marshall, Michael Olszewski, John Overmyer, Pat Paris, Maggie Swanson, and Rebecca Webb under the direction of Bruce Baker who is credited with book design. I feel the need to credit these fine people because it's the designs and illustrations that I remember most. Perhaps this book is the origin of my love of the silhouette. I am a huge fan of paper cut designs and shadow puppet images and black silhouettes as book cover images and the images in this book are often silhouettes.

The posted image is from a Carl Sandburg story, "The Huckabuck Family and How They Raised Pop Corn in Nebraska and Quit and Came Back."

A favorite story in the collection is "Penny and the Elf" by Barbara and Elaine Skolnik. You can read the story by clicking on the images.

Stories included in the book....

Who Likes the Dark? by Virginia Howell
Gleegles by Amy Neelands
The Baker and the Beggar by James Rhodes
Old Man Winter Has a Visitor, Retold by Ann Hudson Downs
The Wee Little House by Patricia Scarry
Found, the Lost Little Dog by Val Teal
The Wonderful Feast by Esphyr Slobodkina
Donny's Good Idea by Blanche Boshinski
Penny and the Elf by Barbara and Elaine Skolnik
Beauregard Bunny Runs Away by Ellen Starr
The Boy Who Grew Up by Jay T. Stocking
The Huckabuck Famy by Carl Sandburg
The Bus-Driving Tiger by Eileen Landay
The Guess-What Girl by Gail M. Peterson
Barnum Bunny by Georgia Tucker Smith
Lenny, the Lion Who couldn't Roar by Barbara Burrow
Dream Touches the Sky by Danita Ross Haller
The Silver Flower by Rhea Wells
The Soup Stone by Leila Berg
There's Only One You! by Dean Walley

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Staying Afloat said...

Gleegles! In my house, it was all about the gleegles. Thank you for this blast from the past.

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