Thursday, December 25, 2008

Look Pa, I'm Doing a Figure Sixteen!

Stan and Jan Berenstain, illustrators, Random House, 1970

The early rhyming Berenstain Bears books have a special place in my heart. When they started mass producing moral tales in the 8 x 8 size I lost some interest. However, I had a few of these Beginner Books and even some large size almanac or encyclopedia type books of theirs.

In this BB book, as in so many of theirs, Papa Bear is prepared to educate his son in the ways of the world. In this book, it's how to use all his fantastic Christmas presents--skis, sled, ice skates. Ahhh... the joys of seeing old Papa Bear's "Great Belly Flop." Of course, his son is wise beyond his years and kindly helps out his pop when he finds himself in a pickle. Is it my imagination or does Mama Bear have a sort of knowing look in her eyes. I can almost hear her patient sigh as her husband bounds out the door with their son in tow!

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