Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Three Bears

The Three Bears, F. Rojankovsky, illustrator
Western Publishing, 1948

Rojankovsky's pictures are rich in color and delicious in detail. They have a sort of rich European feel to them. I love the details in the bears' clothing and accessories and the style of everything within the house.

Feodor Rojankovsky was born in Russia and studied at the Academy of Art in Moscow. During the first World War he served as an officer in the Russian Army. After the war he settled in Poland where, for the next few years, he worked as Art Director-first of the Opera in Poznan, the of Poland's leading fashion magazine, and finally of the Wegner publishing house in Warsaw. Later, in Paris, he received several prizes for his work in advertising design. He has illustrated over forty books, published here and abroad. His artwork appears in many of the Little Golden Books.

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juliette said...

Hi! I love your blog. I think we lived the same childhood - only my journey dates back to 1967!

nutmeg and vanilla wishes,

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