Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Peppy The Lonely Little Puppy
By Fieda Friedman, Illustrated by Vivienne Blake
Rand McNally & Co, 1947

Yes, this is my unofficial "doggie book" week. And this is probably my oldest one. It was one of a my Grandmother's books that she probably bought for my dad when he was a tyke. As a child I remember loving the super colorful pictures and the sweet little dog with his plaid coat and heart shaped name tag.

Peppy loves children and is saddened when the next door neighbor's moving truck pulls up and takes all their things away. They didn't have children but they were always nice to him. Peppy's owners worry that his moping is an indicator that he is not happy there and they consider giving him away to a family who is home more than they are. He REALLY didn't want that. Things turn around for our lonely little puppy when another moving truck pulls up and when it started unpacking he grew excited, wondering if there might be a boy or a girl who would move in next door. To his joy and surprise, there were 25 little children who would be visiting next door regularly since a lovely lady named Miss Anderson would be opening a school for small children. Ah, yes, the story ends well for sweet little Peppy.

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