Monday, January 12, 2009

Must Have Monday -- Fishs Eddy Glasses

Swimmers 15 oz --$5.50 each,
Fishs Eddy, 2009

A bit about the company, from their site:

Our name, Fishs Eddy, is respectfully borrowed from a small hamlet upstate New York. Our signature pattern is homage to the skyline of New York City and graces dinner tables all over the world. Our unique and often witty designs inspire many smiles. And our ever-dependable glassware and everyday diner white-ware have earned their place as Fishs Eddy classics. Yes, we have evolved and changed over the years. In fact, there is exciting growth in our near future. But we have never strayed from our original vision. To only commit to “wares” that are tried and true and stand the test of time. To be eclectic and free thinking. To know that in the kitchen, the rules should be breakable, not the dishes. And most importantly…to always have some good old fashion fun!

That's why after twenty years …we still love “doing dishes”!

There are so many great patterns on this site. I should never even look at it. I have more glasses than one person should ever have. Yet, I seem to always find more that I simply MUST have. I really adore the swimmers, but the Little Red Riding Hood glass would be great in my collection too!

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