Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 8 Track

38 Country Classics, 1979 Audio Research Inc
Connie Smith Collections RCA Records, 1972, 1980

When I was young we drove a blue Econoline full size van complete with curtains, a stowable table, and a ladder on the back to reach the luggage rack. That's not to say we traveled much at all, but we rode to town and back in style! :)

We also had an 8 track tape deck and I have fond memories of my parents music. Here are two of those classic country tapes. One is a compilation full of goodies like "In the Middle of a Heartache" by Wanda Jackson or "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. The other is easily one of my favorites--Connie Smith. I have a CD version of many of her greatest hits now and it includes all of these songs except the one about the blue transister radio. She's wonderful and sad and full of heartbreak songs.

Here's her first bit hit: "Once a Day"

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dntstop believin said...

I have a copy of that 38 country classics on a double cassette tape set. having a hard time finding it on the internet.

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