Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Flat-Billed Prehistoric Scratchafratch?

How Fletcher Was Hatched
by Wende and Harry Devlin

Parents Magazine Press, 1969

When Alexandra starts to pay more attention to the newly hatched chicks, her hound dog Fletcher becomes jealous. He slinks off to the river bank where he finds his best pals, Beaver and Otter, whose advice is to act more like a chicken. Can you peep? Maybe you should hatch? And from those questions a fantastic plan is "hatched." Fletcher's pals construct a giant egg from reeds and pink clay and they helpfully roll him to the school campus the next morning to surprise Alexandra.

Meanwhile Alexandra is nearly inconsolable worried about her lost dog, Fletcher. The entire school is abuzz, the principal and the science teacher are giddy with speculation over the giant egg (note the title of the post), and Alexandra can't be bothered until she sees Fletcher burst free. It's a great little story with heartwarming pictures that have a nice 1970s feel to the illustrations.

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