Saturday, January 10, 2009

Such a Deer.

Bambi, Walt Disney Productions, 1941
from Bambi Gets Lost, text by Albert G. Miller,
Random House, 1972

I don't really remember seeing Bambi (1942--they rereleased some of these classics in the 70s. ) in the theatre but my mom said I hated it. HATED it. It made me cry all the way home. I was very upset, very sad and fairly inconsolable. At a slightly older age I felt the same about E. T.. I guess I was not a fan of a "good cry" when I was a kiddo.

Still, how can one NOT love this little guy? I mean, that picture of him sleeping is frameworthy. In this Wonderful World of Reading Disney book, Bambi goes out to play with Thumper, who knows more and is introducing him to the wonders of the forest. They promise to stay close to home but end up getting lost. I think my life long mental image of possums is based on an illustration from this book.

Even the end papers of this book are adorable.

I love that line "your eyesight is punk."
Of course I selected the picture because
it is wonderful of Thumper and I LOVE Flower.

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