Friday, January 9, 2009

Magical Musical Thing

Magical Musical Thing, Mattel, 1978

The version I had of this toy was blue and white--not sure I remember the orange stickers. (This image shows the book too... actually check out this site, it's terrific for vintage toy instruments and the like) I was actually searching for a picture of a different musical toy I had as a child but I still haven't tracked that down. When I saw this blast from the past I was nearly overcome with joy.

My mom stored, oddly enough, our MMT in the linen closet by our bathroom. I think she was HIDING it because it could be rather annoying especially when we weren't trying to play the actual notes and songs in the songbook but were going "freestyle" by rubbing the body of the instrument on our heads and sweeping our hands across all the keys and so forth!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I use to have a musical magical thing--I loved it!
I think we have lived very similar childhoods!


Carm said...

I actually got to play with one with my friend's son while we were all hanging out at her parents house. Hilarious! I'm not sure she understood my glee upon spotting that in the toy box!

Lisa said...

I have one & it still works! Have the book too - minus the cover.

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