Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woodland Medical Practices.

Mr. Nibble Calls a Doctor by Jane Pilgrim
F. Stocks May, illustrator
Brockhampton Press, Leicester, 1972

There are several books in this series and I can tell I got it from my grandmother since my name is on the inside cover in her handwriting. I wonder if this is something she picked up in Canada because this isn't a series of books I remember being real popular around here. The Potato Press who did the American publishing also lists some books about "Andy Pandy" on the back cover of this one and I seem to recall those as well. Maybe our library did have them after all.

This story is quite simple. It has a a Beatrix Potter feel with the named animals... Ernest Owl, Lucy Mouse, Joe Robin, and George the kitten. The colors on the images really pop and bring the magic to the book. One of the lines when Ernest Owl is inspecting Mr. Nibble reminds me of something from A. A. Milne:

"My leg hurts so much," he told Ernest Owl.
And Ernest Owl, who had once read a book called How to be a Good Doctor, felt him carefully all over and said: "I'm afraid, Mr. Nibble, that you have broken your leg."

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