Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cranberry Valentine

Wende and Harry Devlin, Simon and Schuster, 1986

While Cranberry Christmas was my first and most beloved of the Cranberryport stories, I have a deep appreciation for all of them. They are books that make me long to visit Maine and seashores and well, eat cranberries.

This holiday story is about how Mr. Whiskers deals with the onslaught of valentines that come his way after a chance remark about how he'd never gotten any in the past. One might think he'd be flattered or glad, but as more and more keep appearing he grows panicky...

"Why me?" asked Mr. Whiskers. Then he reflected, "Why not? I'm the best clam digger in the bog country. I have wonderful whiskers. I sing like a blinking bird."

Seth broke into Mr. Whisker's shining thoughts. "Now, Mr. Whiskers, if some lady gives you a present on this Valentine's Day, you should have a box of chocolates to give in return. A gentleman would."

Mr. Whiskers looked terrified at the idea.

Of course, it's not all as bad as it seems and after dodging some near embarrassment, Mr. Whiskers his true admirers and ends up enjoying the holiday much more than he expected.

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