Friday, March 13, 2009

Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt Disney Productions, 1973

While this book club edition of Snow White is meant to be the official Disney character rendering I feel the images to be close but not quite. I actually really LOVE the way they look in this version. The opening illustration is depicted above but the other half of the scene is missing (sorry). I like the muted colors and dreamy quality present in the scenery. The evil queen is deliciously evil looking and the expressions on Snow White's face in the various pictures is probably my favorite part. For example, I love the look on her face as she and the little animals are busy doing the dishes.

We all know this version of the story and it took years before I discovered that in other versions Snow was visited multiple times by the Queen who offered her a corset and a poisoned comb as well. You think you'd learn by the third visit... Oh well.

One aspect of this Wonderful World of Disney series I love is the end pages. I should scan them every time I blog about one of these books, because they all make me so happy. This book features each of the seven dwarfs with their names beside them.

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