Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dandelion Doubles the Fun

Edited by Josette Frank Illustrated by Marjorie Torrey
Random House, 1955, 1957

I have a couple of these double books put out by Dandelion Library and I particularly love Torrey's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and the story is a favorite. I love the original Lewis Carroll thick and delicious book filled with, well, wonder. I love the Disney cartoon and own several incarnations of that version. And I'd sort of forgotten about this version. I'm not a fan of "edited" books but I am a fan of Alice artwork so it was fun to page through this and soak in the details.

This book reminds me of a copy on my shelves that I've been itching to get my hands on, to find time to delve into, the sort of thing that snow days are made for. I have a copy of The Annotated Alice which is just oozing good stuff... notes, ideas, author insights--sort of a "pop-up video" of books.

The other side of the Josette Frank edited Alice is a version of Peter Pan. The illustrations are colorful and fun as well, but just not as dear to me as the Alice ones and so I indulged myself and showcased more of the Wonderland pics instead. Enjoy.

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