Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Magic Friend Maker

The Magic Friend Maker by Gladys Baker Bond
Illustrated by Stina Nagel, Western Publishing, 1966

This is one of those Little Golden Books that I loved sort of inexplicably. Looking at the images now, they don't really catch my eye. In fact, I'm always impressed by the vintage fashion in the pics. The story is about a lonely little girl who wanted a best friend.

"Beth was a one-girl... She pretended she was her own friend, but it didn't work. Poor Beth. She played alone."

Okay, now I know why I liked this book. :) I could totally relate. I grew up on a farm with no neighborhood and many school friends were long distance to call on the telephone. I played alone a lot.

When Jean moves into her apartment building, she and Beth share a moment over a rock which Jean had in her hands.

"Oh, you don't really have a rock," Beth said. But she hoped Jean did have a rock. Here in the middle of the city, there weren't any rocks."

Incredible. Is that true? I was also a bit of a rock collector as a child. Only one from my collection remains in possession.

The rock becomes an talking point and an opportunity for instant bonding and Jean and Beth become best friends, until Jean has to move away. She leaves her rock with Beth, who uses it to greet the new neighbor. That must have been some rock!


areacode212 said...

Hey, nice post. I don't suppose you'd be willing to scan the other pages from this book? It's out of print, and I would really love to read it again, and look at the pictures.

Carm said...

Awww... I'll see what I can do! I totally get it!

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