Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Messy by Barbara Bottner

Barbara Bottner, Delacourte Press, 1979

Messy by Barbara Bottner is the story of Harriet, the messiest six-year-old girl around. Mostly she's okay with her mess, but she's aware of the stark contrast between her messy ways and those of her friends and ballet classmates. However, Harry's esteem soars pretty high, much like her quality dance moves, when she's praised by her dance teacher, Mrs. Markova, and when she is offered the role of princess in their recital she vows to become a changed woman... or six year old. It mostly works.

It's a simple book--nothing profound--but I've been looking for this one for years. I've found little evidence of its existence online (one reference with no images on Amazon) and then one day I managed to find a copy through inter-library loan. There is satisfaction in simply knowing I didn't "make this book up" in my brain.


Tracy said...

Oh My Gosh!!!
I have been looking for this book for YEARS! It was my favorite book to check out from the library when I was little. I have been googling like crazy bc I didn't know the author. I KNEW the title was "Messy". Thanks a million for your post, finding this made my day!

Carm said...

Yay! I have been terrible about keeping this blog up, but I have so many posts brewing in my brain. I'm trying to get back into some regular posting and comments like yours make me remember WHY I want to! So glad I wasn't the only one who had a fondness for this book!

KDub said...

I've been looking for this book, too! thanks for the research! I have a feeling I can find it in my parent's attic, but I LOVED this story as a child!

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