Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tupperware Toys -- Busy Blocks

Tupperware, 1971

All of I have of this toy from my childhood is a single green figurine. We were hard on toys and then when my mom had a house fire little was left of the things she still had at her place. Sadly, these blocks were a casualty. I remember bringing them with me in a little suitcase when I went over to Carlson's to babysit. We'd link them together and play with the figures. I didn't remember that they were alphabet blocks but now that makes the choices of the little green figures make sense.

Airport, Boat, Camel, Dog, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Indian, Jeep, Kangaroo, Lion, Monkey, Nurse, Owl, Pig, Queen, Rabbit, Seal, Train, Unicorn, Violin, Whale, Xylophone, Yacht, and Zebra.

I LOVE that there was a unicorn. Yay, Tupperware!

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